KPOWER Enersol Pvt. Ltd. Is the fastest growing Manufacturing, Marketing & Service Delivery Company. KPOWER is promoted by highly experienced and reputed Professionals from Power Electronics and ICT & ITS Industries.

We are a Surat, Gujarat based company with CE Mark Products who is specialize in providing innovative and customized solutions for Power Electronics Products like Online & Line-Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Rack-Mount UPS, AMC for UPS, Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), Home UPS, DC UPS, Servo Stabilizer, Energy Meter, and Solar Energy products to Govt. & Semi-Govt. Sectors, Private & Public Enterprises.

We have been the most preferred UPS & Other Power Electronics’ product brand for all major SI / Corporate establishments in the Western part of India. Our Product Quality, Service Network & Economical solutions have addressed the Customized requirement of our Clients.

Kpower is also into the diversified businesses of Sales and Application Integration & Software development for USB based Biometrics to Full-scale Independent data-collection terminals / Combo of Finger Print, RFID and Face reader devices, wide-range of ICT & IT Service & Product offerings with strong Retail network across the Indian market.

Our Vision

To be a recognized performance leader in the Indian Power Electronics Industry through excellence in Design-Manufacturing-Service and thereby achieving Quality products and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To create a Diverse Product Portfolio to meet/achieve the Organization’s objectives through Design-innovations, Customized-solutions, Customer satisfaction, Active Employee participation.

Our Values

We accomplish our vision and mission through best practices, ethical values, customer respect, strategic marketing, technology culture.

Design, Manufacturing & Service

Continuously work to improve, innovate product quality with specification TQAS Quality manufacturing, environment-friendly products.

Glimpses of Kpower Product: DMS (Design, Manufacturing & Service) is Our Competitive Strength.

The Proven Record in the Power Electronics Product
Manufactures the right product and solution for different vertical with conscious pricing
All Ranges’ ready Available Stock for Zero-time Supply
Extensive Support Network
Entire Range of UPS
Extended Battery back-up Time options
Most Economical Cost
QC certified Products
The best response time
After Sales Support - Nearest point of support & the ability to provide replacement backup in case of delay.
Provides Zero downtime

KPOWER UPS Offers Exclusive Features & Customized Specifications

Standby UPS allows the equipment to run off utility power until the UPS detects a problem, at which point the UPS switches to battery power to protect against sags, surges or outages. Line-interactive UPS regulates voltage by boosting input utility voltage up or moderating (bucking) it down as necessary before allowing it to pass to the protected equipment—or resort to battery power. Double-conversion UPS’s isolate equipment from raw utility power—converting power from AC to DC and back to AC again, to deliver the cleanest power and highest protection.

Kpower Available With Features

World class construction
High / Low Voltage Protections
Flexible DC BUS
Spike/Surge Suppression & Automatic Voltage Regulations
Pure Sine-wave Output with distortion 2%
Green Concept
Cold Start and Hot Standby
User Friendly LED & LCD indicators
CC/CV Type Solid State Chargers / Charging current selection option in 1-2-4-6 Amp steps
Extended Battery back-up Time options & Power Management Software
Hot swappable batteries
Software for all Operating System
Operating Temp : 0-40°c
External slot options available for SNMP / “AS400” Relay Card / RS 485, “Rs232” (USB)

KPOWER Creates Competitive Edge for Customers

Associated with Prominent Market Leaders in ITS & ICT, Computer Hardware.
Fast response time in decision management
Ability to attend the Large Orders in the defined time-frame
High Service delivery Index for the project implemented in Rural part of Gujarat
Awarded with several Quality Certifications from Competent Authorities like – EQDC and resulted to become one of the Favorite OEM suppliers in the UPS market.
Rate Contract with Gujarat Informatics Limited: the nodal agency for IT development in the state of Gujarat
Quality product at Market-driven OEM price
Certified Manufacturing facilities & Product as per best of industry Standards
Experience of Marketing of high-technology Product line
Proven Supply & Service delivery track record
Working relations with Government Organisation and Large PSUs & PSEs