Solar Street Lights

The Solar Advantage

Conventional Street Lights vs Solar Street Lights

As the sun peeks over the horizon, it brings with it endless possibilities. It brings with it clean, green and sustainable energy. With global warming becoming a real threat, the sun presents a renewable source of energy that does not cause pollution. For these reasons, solar energy is gaining momentum globally.

This Solar Revolution is also fast extending to outdoor lighting. Solar-powered street lighting systems are fast replacing the conventional grid-based lighting. Apart from being power guzzlers, conventional street lighting systems have other disadvantages too.

Require expensive and time-consuming grid layout

Cause blackout during power outages

Have high maintenance costs

The Lithium Ion Battery Advantage

Lithium Ion Battery vs Lead Acid Battery

Most solar-powered streetlights are equipped with lead-acid batteries that come with a host of disadvantages. The introduction of Lithium-ion battery technology in outdoor solar lighting overcomes all the problems seen with grid and lead-acid based lights, providing the world with a hassle-free and desirable option.

Lithium-Ion Battery Lead Acid Battery
Low installation cost High installation cost
Inbuilt prevents theft Prone to theft
Efficient charging on cloudy days     Blackout on cloudy days
No maintenance Tubular requires regular maintenance
SMF unsuitable for outdoor conditions

The Advantages Continue


The battery gets partially charged even under cloudy conditions

Short wire length between the solar panel and the battery/charge controller combined with the smart electronic design results from low idle currents(< 10 micro amps)

Eliminates the need for bigger batteries to accommodate for the loss of charging, as is the case with other solar lights

System Efficiency

Combination of zero wire loss due to the inbuilt battery and low idle current leads to >92% system efficiency

Combined with our world's best >150 lumens/W LEDs and special lenses

Provides best in class lux levels with lowest power consumption


Use of reflectors and lenses add great aesthetic appeal

Elimination of bulky battery boxes on the pole allows for the use of elegant poles, further improving the looks

Low Installation Cost

Elimination of battery box and additional wires

Lighter or no pole required

Simple and fast installation with connectors

Low transportation cost