Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer

KpowerElectronics corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of servo controlled voltage stabilizers for more than 33 years. This equipment is Used to obtain a steady three phone AC supply within a very close tolerance to fluctuating mains. This equipment finds application in the Dairy industry. Chemical, process industry, Research Establishment and hospitality industry, etc.

Benefits of "Kpower" Make Servo Stabilizers :

Reduction in breakdown of electrical Equipment’s: UP To 70% depending upon the input voltage variation working hours of the plants which will result in zero breakdowns and better utilization of manpower & Equipment.

Energy saving: 5-25% depending upon the input voltage variation and working hours of the plant.

Guarantee: Our Servo stabilizers are warranted for 1 year unconditionally after installations at site. We have a widespread service network in most of the states in India and we provide service at our client's site for any complaints.

Reduction in MDI: There will be a definite reduction in MDI by 10-15% after the power factor by 10-15% after the installation of the equipment.

Improvement in power factor: Improvement in the power factor by 10-15% can be Achieved as the installation of the equipment.

Efficiency: "Kpower" make Servo controlled voltage stabilizers are 98.5% efficient compared to other conventional supply will be stable.

Load: "Kpower" make Servo controlled voltage stabilizers are manufactured for the unbalanced or balanced lead as per customer requirements.

Salients Features


BY-PASS SWITCH: This switch enables to by-pass the servo stabilizer in case of the failure of the servo stabilizer. The equipment connected through the stabilizer will get the supply from mains directly once the stabilizer is by-passed. (Optional)

Volt-Select Switch: Voltage selector switch for I/P or O/P selection for indication on the digital display.

Stabilizer on Switch: Stabilizer on push-button switch for easy start of stabilizer output


Vertical Type Dimmers for smooth operation and faster correction. These dimmers are of low maintenance due to its vertical design as Carbon and Dust deposition on the dimmer surface is very less compared to horizontal dimmers. Also available in Roller Carbons up to 25 kva 3-ph. rating.


Over Voltage Protection

Phase Reversal Prevented

Under Voltage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Single Phasing Prevented

Control System

Plug-in type Microprocessor-based control card for high reliability, accuracy & easy maintenance.

MS Enclosure

Spacious pipe structure design duly power coated for easy maintenance with wheels for smooth movement.

Display & Indication

VIF Indicator: This digital display has given the information of voltage, current, and frequency of the all phase for both input and output.

Trip Indicator: A trip indicator for individual phase for both Under-voltage and Overvoltage condition.

InLow or inHigh Voltage: Main incoming indicator neon lamp for all phases.

Main Indicator: Incoming mains supply indicator.

Technical Specification :
1. Input Voltage Range 3-phase 360-460, 340-480, 300-500 v
(Or as per customer Specification)
2. Input Voltage Range 1-phase 160-270, 180-280, 130-260 v
3. Output Voltage Range 3-phase        415, 400, 380 v
4. Output Voltage Range 1-phase 240, 230, 220 v
5. System Construction Unbalanced Type
6. Output Voltage Regulation +/- 1%
7. Overload Capacity 120 %
8. Corrections Speed 35 v/sec, 70 v/sec, 110 v/sec (optional with D.C. motor)
9. Wave From Distraction Nill
10. Output Wave Form True Reproduction of input
11. Cooling Natural air-cooled up to 125 kva
12. Modes Of System Both auto or manual
13. System Construction as per IS 9815-1994
Dimensions :
Sr. No. Capacity W D H
1 5 KVA 660 350 400
2 10 KVA 660 400 680
3 15 KVA 660 400 680
4 20 KVA 660 400 680
5 25 KVA 650 520 715
6 30 KVA 850 520 770
7 35 KVA 850 520 770
8 40 KVA 850 520 770
9 50 KVA 850 520 770
10 60 KVA 1000 600 800
11 75 KVA 1000 600 800
12 80 KVA 1000 600 800
13 90 KVA 1000 600 800
14 100 KVA 1000 600 800